Red5: The OpenSource RTMP server

Recently, I started to work with Red5 RTMP server. Red5 is a OpenSourceRTMP server based on Spring/Tomcat/Java technologies and this is the alternative to the privative Adobe FMS (Flash Media Server) .

Currently, Red5 project has reachend the 0.9 milestone of the Red5 roadmap. You can the latest feautures added to Red5 in:  Here’s a brief description of the features in Red5:

  • Streaming Audio/Video (FLV and MP3)
  • Recording Client Streams (FLV only)
  • Shared Objects
  • Live Stream Publishing (live h264 supported now)
  • Remoting ( AMF0/ AMF3)

You also need to know 2 concepts:

  • Red5 is a Java aplication server framework that provide all the logic for FLV reflection.
  • You will deploy aplications over Tomcat or stanalone Red5 launcher. This aplication will use the red5 jar library for implement the application logic.

Red5 community work primarly with Java progaming language. In anyway, you can work with another supported language to deploy the application and hadlers. For example: jython, jruby or action script. You can obtain more info in and