San Xurxo, the great lonely beach

This is a well known beach by the Ferrol people. It is a very beautiful place, with a lot of pretty views. This place has some kind of magic … nature, the brave sea, waves,  bad weather in autum …  all of these things give to this beach his intense coctel … of life.

But this place is not usally frequented by many people. Against of this, this natural site is seldom crouded. This is the oposite to the use of Doniños beach. Doniños keep a lot of people during all the summer. Actually, I prefer the first one rather than the second.

Officially, San Xurxo beach is called in two different ways: the southest part is called San Xurxo, but the  northest part is called Esmelle. This fact is because these two parts of the beach are owned by differents town councils.


Esmelle in summer time

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