My custom settings for Zabbix Agents

Since some time ago, I’m used working with ZABBIX systems – as server as agent, proxy … . Now, I don’t going to explain all the fantastic features about this software in this post. In this post, I will only enumerate my preferred ZABBIX Agent settings and my best values for each one.


    List of comma delimited IP addresses (or hostnames) of ZABBIX servers.
    No spaces allowed. First entry is used for sending active checks.
    Note that hostnames must resolve hostname->IP address and
    IP address->hostname.

  • ServerPort=10051

    Server port for sending active checks


    Unique hostname. Required for active checks.
    This hostname must correspond with the name set on ZABBIX Server for this

  • ListenPort=10050

    Listen port. Default is 10050.

  • ListenIP=

    IP address to bind agent
    If missing, bind to all available IPs

  • StartAgents=5

    Number of pre-forked instances of zabbix_agentd.
    Default value is 5.
    This parameter must be between 1 and 16

  • RefreshActiveChecks=90

    How often refresh list of active checks. 2 minutes by default.
    This check list are sending by the ZABBIX server/proxy.
    See in
    to known more about Zabbix Agent’s protocol.
    This value can’t be lower than 60 seconds.

  • DisableActive=0

    Disable active checks. The agent will work in passive mode listening server.

  • EnableRemoteCommands=1

    Enable remote commands for ZABBIX agent. By default remote commands disabled.

  • DebugLevel=3

    Specifies debug level:

    • 0 – debug is not created
    • 1 – critical information
    • 2 – error information
    • 3 – warnings
    • 4 – information (default)
    • 5 – for debugging (produces lots of information)
  • PidFile=/var/run/zabbix-agent/

    Name of PID file

  • LogFile=/var/log/zabbix-agent/zabbix_agentd.log

    Name of log file.
    If not set, syslog will be used

  • LogFileSize=5

    Maximum size of log file in MB. Set to 0 to disable automatic log rotation.

  • Timeout=15

    Spend no more than Timeout seconds on processing
    Must be between 1 and 30

  • UserParameter=http.basicaction,wget -t 2 -T 10 -q -O – “http://server:80/StatusInfo.php” | grep -e “App:”

    Format: UserParameter=key,shell_command
    Note that shell command must not return empty string or EOL only

More info:

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