Hide the VLC cone icon in the browser-plugin-vlc for Linux (Mozilla or Webkit) (Debian way)

VideoLAN’s fu***ng cone

The next instructions describes how to proceed to hide the VLC cone icon in the VLC plugin for Web browsers. I think this tip can be useful for another ninjas in so far as there is not a lot of information on Internet which describes this. Instructions are based on the Debian way and use the Debian/DPKG tools but I guess that the example is far enough explicit to be extrapolated to other environments.


  • You need to install all the build-dependences for the browser-plugin-vlc before execute dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot


  • apt-get source browser-plugin-vlc
  • cd npapi-vlc-2.0.0/
  • edit npapi/vlcplugin_gtk.cp and replace the code as follows:
    --- npapi-vlc-2.0.0.orig/npapi/vlcplugin_gtk.cpp
    +++ npapi-vlc-2.0.0/npapi/vlcplugin_gtk.cpp
    @@ -46,12 +46,13 @@ VlcPluginGtk::VlcPluginGtk(NPP instance,
         memset(&video_xwindow, 0, sizeof(Window));
    -    GtkIconTheme *icon_theme = gtk_icon_theme_get_default();
    -    cone_icon = gdk_pixbuf_copy(gtk_icon_theme_load_icon(
    -                    icon_theme, "vlc", 128, GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_FORCE_SIZE, NULL));
    -    if (!cone_icon) {
    -        fprintf(stderr, "WARNING: could not load VLC icon\n");
    -    }
    +    cone_icon = NULL;
  • dpkg-source –commit
  • dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
  • cd ../
  • ls browser-plugin-vlc_2.0.0-2_amd64.deb


  • dpkg -i browser-plugin-vlc_2.0.0-2_amd64.deb

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