Pablo says: “welcome ess-pipe-de to my life!”

Recently, some guy suggests me the usage of spiped instance of “SSH -L” to generate secure and more robust tunnels in peers under my control. The father of the creature is Alex Polvi ( which doesn’t looks like as the new guy in the class: CEO in CoreOs Inc., previously General Manager on Rackspace, Product Manager and Sysadmin for So, you can feel free to trust on spiped the next time you wish a protected peer-to-peer communication between a pair of servers:


To set up an encrypted and authenticated pipe for sending email between two
systems (in the author's case, from many systems around the internet to his
central SMTP server, which then relays email to the rest of the world), one
might run

# dd if=/dev/urandom bs=32 count=1 of=keyfile
# spiped -d -s '[]:8025' -t '[]:25' -k keyfile

on a server and after copying keyfile to the local system, run

# spiped -e -s '[]:25' -t $SERVERNAME:8025 -k keyfile

at which point mail delivered via localhost:25 on the local system will be
securely transmitted to port 25 on the server.


Suggested post:

Original repository in github:

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