New revision of redmine-cmd released

Yesterday, I decided spend some of my time in a tinny tool created for me one year and half ago. This tool was named redmine-cmd and, obviously, the purpose of this tool is the usage of the Redmine ticketing system directly from the console system but also auto-submit the time expended in each task automatically.

The tool was functional with Redmine <=1.2 until now but it didn’t implement all the API definition covered  by the latest versins of Redmine. The reason of that it was bacause the places where I was using this tool had not been upgraded to the latest version of Redmine for years. One of the consecuences of this was that many API/REST ending points was not be available for my tool in those early Redmine enviroments, therefore some relevant values related to a Redmine’s issue as the tracker id, the activity id or the issue status code wasn’t available to be obtained from the server causing, these restrictions,  weird things like the definition of  enumerators in the redmine-cmd configuration file with the same values that in the server.


redmine-cmd console example
redmine-cmd console example

But it’s a new time today, the time come down and the last Redmine with a version < 2.2 is not anymore  around me so,  yesterday, finally I decided end the integration with the Redmine API using the ending points required by my tool to get dinamically all the data required from the server:

The final implemantion is already available on PIP public repositories with MIT license to be used for everybody. The usage is quite trivial and the installation and setup steps are documented int the README file. Please, download and use it, any feedback will be welcome.

Extenal link:

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